Karina At 8.5 Months

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    Karina At 8.5 Months

    Studio: 97% Amateurs
    Cast: Karina
    Video language: English

    It will be obvious in the first few seconds of this video that our model speaks only Spanish. She tells the camera that she is 8.5 months pregnant, and then lifts her top and exposes a nice round belly complete with stretch marks. She’s wearing a nice bra, and gives side belly views while she rubs her belly. She pulls down her left bra strap and peels the bra cup down so we see a totally ENORMOUS nub nipple which is inverted. The biggest inverted nipple we have seen on over 650 sessions. But she can pop it out. Watch as we do that in slow motion.

    She pulls down the other bra cup, but this nipple is NOT inverted and in talking to Karina we find out it has never been inverted. She gives us another look at the inverted side; the protruding portion of the nipple is bigger than her thumb! She cradles both boobs with both hands, and then wiggles her right boob by the nipple. She pulls her nipple up and lifts her boob and then drops it. You see more nipple pulling and dropping, and then in slow motion.

    She stretches her arms out, and you watch in slow motion as she jumps with her bra on. She gives you a side view of her jumping with her bra in slow motion, and then running in slow motion with her bra on. Finally, she takes off the bra, puts it on her shoulder, and then tosses it. We were getting photos for the stills of the toss. She bends forward and wiggles her breasts from side to side. Then it’s shown again in slow motion, as well as a slow motion glimpse of her jogging in place. She leans forward with a side to side wiggle. She lifts her left boob up while still swinging her right tit.

    Next, she pulls her pants down and we have her in red panties that really do not cover a lot. She steps out of her pants, turns around and shows off her belly from all angles. Head to toe view. We zoom in on her pussy and see that the crotch area is not covering a lot. We get another low angle breast view, then a low angle belly view. She bends over forward with a butt and crotch view of her panties, and then bends way forward with a hanging boob view between her legs. Then she gives a total side view of her body boobs and belly. Then you see her flicking her nipple in slow motion.

    Next, see Karina lying on her back, giving a side view of her belly and boobs. She gives a view of her boobs from over her head, then slow motion full nipple stretch of her left inverted nipple. Slow motion boob wiggle from top to bottom, then again in regular speed. She pulls her legs up and gives more of a pussy view. Then, standing with legs far apart, panties halfway down, you get an awesome super close-up of her pussy. She takes her panties all the way down and kicks them aside.

    Standing 100% fully nude, she squats to the ground. As she gets closer, she stumbles and falls on her butt and laughs. Sitting on her butt with a side view, she then has her legs a little apart. The camera scans down her body from her smile to her fat pussy. We zoom back. Then we zoom back in again. She is fully shaved which surprised us. She has super fat outer pussy lips. She spreads her outer lips, and then we zoom away. With her legs pulled way up, we zoom in on the pussy and she spreads her pussy fully as we zoom in. Several more pussy views from different angles.

    Next, she gets into a white lace see-thru bra with matching panties. We get slow motion video of her jumping in her new bra. As she jumps, her right nipple kind of pops out, and then she’s jumping with her right boob totally out of her bra cap on the right side. She pulls the bra UP over her boobs and lets them fall away. She does this several times, and then does some bra poses. Boob wiggling with her left boob and bra strap, then switches to her right side in slow motion. She does a double boob wiggle with BOTH bra straps, and then you see it again in slow motion. She tosses this bra and gets out of her panties. She squats low to the ground with her butt towards us with her belly hanging super low. Finally, she waves good-bye to us. Session over!

    Format: avi
    Duration: 33:42
    Video: 852x480, DivX 5, 2341kbps
    Audio: 125kbps

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    File size: 612.0 MB

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